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Lock snapping is on the increase! The lock on a upvc door is called a euro cylinder. This is made of mainly brass. This helps with lifespan of the cylinder in that it is virtually maintenance free. The problem with brass is that it a soft metal. The euro cylinder is held in by a “retaining” screw. At this point the cylinder has a “weak” area, which if enough force is applied in a specific way, allows the cylinder to snap in half!

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What can be done?

Anti-snap cylinders are available that can be exchanged for your original locks. These new euro profile cylinders stop the action of lock snapping. Upvc Door Repairs Rotherham recommend the Cisa Astral S cylinder. What we like about the Astral S is that not only does it combine anti-snap technology but also resists picking, bumping and drilling as well. You can be assured that this will lock will make your home and family considerably safer than before.

Will they fit any uPVC door?

Nearly every upvc door on the market that has been fitted in the last 40 years will have the same type of weak euro profile cylinders. The good news is this means that the Cisa Astral S will fit your upvc door. We also can offer huge discounts where more than 1 cylinder is required.


The Astral S comes with a 10 year guarantee on mechanical failure. We have never had to return to one that we have fitted at the time of writing this article.

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