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uPVC doors & windows fixed across Rotherham

uPVC door service in Rotherham

As summer approaches and the temperature rises, uPVC door can become problematic to close and lock. uPVC doors can expand in the heat and there is a tendency for the hinges to move and cause the doors to catch, usually at the top.

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Does the cold weather affect uPVC doors?

One of the questions often asked over the phone is “does the weather affect uPVC doors” ? The simple answer is YES. My own uPVC french doors are great in winter but when it is really hot, they can be difficult to get shut and they are aligned perfectly.

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Repairs to Safestyle doors and windows in Rotherham

Have you a Safestyle door or window which will not lock or unlock? Upvc Door Repairs Rotherham are here to help. When the warranty expires on your Safestyle products, we can replace all the faulty parts at a fraction of the cost of a replacement door or window. We won’t try to sell you a new door or window because we don’t fit them, only repair.

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Yorkshire windows door repairs in Rotherham

At upvc Door Repairs Rotherham, we specialise in the service and repairs of all door manufacturers and thus are available to fix any problems that may occur with your windows and doors. In fact we even repair doors that are older than 10 years.

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Tilt and slide door repairs in Rotherham

Tilt and slide doors were a very popular choice 15-20 years ago and many of these types of doors have reached a point where they are in need of a repair or are showing signs of “wear and tear”.

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Anti-snap locks Rotherham

Nearly every uPVC door on the market that has been fitted in the last 40 years will have the same type of weak euro profile cylinders. Anti-snap locks provide the security you need.

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Euro profile snap locks Rotherham

The vast majority of locks in uPVC, aluminium and composite doors are euro profile cylinders. These are made primarily of brass. Which though enables them to be corrosion and maintenance free, it also means they can be “snapped” in half. Thieves are now using this weak point as a means of gaining unlawful entry into your house.

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