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uPVC door service in Rotherham

uPVC door service Rotherham

Are you experiencing difficulties with your uPVC door, such as closing, locking, or unlocking? It’s important to note that uPVC doors are not maintenance-free. Temperature changes and natural movement can affect them. Neglecting these issues can lead to costly damages. It may be time for an uPVC door service in Rotherham to avoid such risks.

Summer problems

As summer approaches and the temperature rises, the uPVC door can become hard to close and lock. uPVC doors can expand in the heat. The hinges tend to move, which causes the doors to catch. This catching usually occurs at the top edge of the door. Hopefully, this problem has developed over a few years and was perfect when fitted originally. This problem developed a few years later, and it is likely time for a service. If you persist in forcing the door to lock, it will break the lock, which will be costly.

uPVC door service in Rotherham

Winter problems

Your uPVC door might start acting up as the cold weather sets in. Remember what we learned in school- heat causes expansion, and cold causes contraction. If your uPVC door has gone out of shape, daylight might be seeping through the bottom edge. This not only means you’re losing precious heat, but it can also lead to issues with locking. The bottom hooks will be too far from the frame, and forcing the handle up could break the multipoint lock.

Please make sure to service your uPVC door to prevent problems.

Why not give your uPVC door a service before it reaches a critical point? This can breathe new life into your uPVC door. It prevents issues and makes the door last longer. Our full service, backed by our extensive experience in this area, includes repacking the panel, adjusting the hinges and servicing the lock. This ensures your door operates smoothly. We are confident in our ability to provide a high-quality service and can offer you a fixed quote. And if your door is beyond repair, we won’t charge you a callout fee.

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