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Safestyle repairs in Rotherham

Save money by repairing, not replacing.

Are you experiencing issues with your Safestyle door or window? Don’t worry, uPVC Door Repairs Rotherham is here to assist you. Once the warranty on your Safestyle products expires, we can replace all the faulty parts at a significantly lower cost than a full replacement. We’re not here to sell you a new door or window, as our expertise lies in repair, not replacement.

Could you replace the multipoint lock?

The multipoint lock in an uPVC door has an average lifespan of 10-12 years, but the doors themselves are still in good condition; we can replace the lock and realign the door, leaving it as good as new. If the door is locked, we have the skills to open your door with ease and no damage. If the door is open, we usually offer a same-day service. You can be secure the same day you call.  Safestyle used three different brands of locking mechanisms in their doors, and we have them with us for your repair. They are all original parts and not cheap copies. The door will be realigned and checked as part of the service to ensure smooth operation.

Safestyle repairs in Rotherham

Safestyle window repairs

Safestyle window repairs are also a speciality of uPVC Door Repairs Rotherham. Fortunately, when a Safestyle window lock fails, it is in a closed position. This means you have no security issue, but it is inconvenient. Don’t worry about needing a new window; it can still be opened without damage. Often, we find you have more than one window that needs attention. That’s not to say they are of poor quality. If this is the case, there are discounts for more than one window. Safestyle  only fits one brand of locking mechanism, and it is part of our van stock to guarantee that the repair is completed in one visit.

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