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Tilt and slide door repairs in Rotherham

At uPVC Door Repairs Rotherham we are the only local company that specialise in the repair of tilt and slide doors.

Tilt and slide doors were a very popular choice 15-20 years ago and many of these types of doors have reached a point where they are in need of a repair or are showing signs of “wear and tear”.

Typical problems with tilt & slide patio doors

If you find the door handle is spinning around or will not budge at all, there is every chance the drive gear has failed.

Drive gear fail

When you operate the handle, this in turn operates the drive gear which moves the locking points running around the edge of the door and keeps the door secure when closed and locked. After time the door can “drop” and cause friction on these locking points and put strain on the drive gear, causing it to fail.

Fortunately we have access to the vast majority of replacement parts and can repair your tilt and slide door at a price that will be considerably less than a new door.

Worn out gliders

Another common problem with tilt and slide doors is where the top “gliders” wear and crack as a result of constant use. The first thing you know about this is when the door “topples” out on top of you. The door can still be closed and will be safe while locked. Call us immediately and we will pop out and replace the gliders and your door will be fine again. We will also check the door over and give a service free of charge.

Wheel problems

The slide door runs on a set of wheels called a “bottom bogey”. Though it is rare for these to cause problems, if they do we can repair or replace these. There is a spring that can fail or the connecting rod which helps guide the door can come out.

All our work is guaranteed for two years but we expect all our repairs to last ten years at least.

You may have lost the key or had the key snap in the handle, we carry new handles in white, brass and silver. There are two different lengths as well but we have both. Don’t worry if the door is locked, we will be able to get the lock open.

Call uPVC Door Repairs Rotherham on 01709 630027 or 07766 088854 for advice and a free no obligation quote.

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